Sunnyvale Speakeasies Toastmasters is a member club of Toastmasters International. We practice public speaking and leadership skills.

Every Toastmasters club is a little different. We are a relatively small club with a casual, friendly atmosphere. We welcome members and guests of all ages, English speaking abilities, and backgrounds. After our meetings, which are from 12:00-1:00pm every Friday, those of us who can have lunch together and socialize.

At Toastmasters, you have the opportunity to be as involved as you want to be in meetings to meet your personal goals. We encourage guests to participate and become club members, but we won’t be upset if you just want to sit and watch.

If you’re trying to decide whether Sunnyvale Speakeasies is the right Toastmasters club for you, here are some things to think about:

  • We are a small club. We have fewer than 20 members. This gives everyone an opportunity to take a role in every meeting and speak as much as they want to. This is not a great place to make business contacts or to avoid participating a lot after becoming a member.
  • We have members and guests from many countries. This is great if you speak English as a second language, because you will not be the only one! It’s also great if you like to learn about other cultures. If you are a native English speaker and are looking for somewhere to expand your vocabulary, you might want to look into different clubs.
  • We are diverse in age. Some of our members are retirees, and some are at the beginning or in the middle of their careers. This gives us a unique opportunity to learn from each other. Some of our members have been in Toastmasters for longer than other members have been alive! We have a good mix of experience and energy.  If you’d rather join a club in which everyone is pretty similar to you, you might not like this club.
  • We have a casual atmosphere. Some clubs follow Toastmasters guidelines and suggestions to the letter and conduct their meetings with great formality. We are not like that. We do not break any rules or ignore Toastmasters structure. However, we do joke around and may at times be accused of being too casual. If you want to feel like you’re among friends and family, this is definitely the place for you. If you prefer a more formal structure and atmosphere, you might want to try a corporate sponsored club instead.

If you’re new to the area or have never been to a Toastmasters meeting before, it’s a good idea to visit multiple clubs before choosing where to become a member. There are no wrong choices or bad clubs in Toastmasters. There is a Toastmasters club that is right for you, and we hope it’s Sunnyvale Speakeasies Toastmasters Club!